Cheerno spring 2010

I recently received Cheerno’s newest spring collection which I love!

I love the detailed dramatic jackets and sweaters that you can pair with the super detailed and perfectly sculpted shorts.

Cap- [CheerNo]-THE COMMANDER cap/black_silver stars

Coat – [Cheerno]-KAHD coat/Green

Shirt – [CheerNo]-THOM Sweater/black

Shorts – CASACHEERNO-Social Ripped Shorts/Gray

Shoes – [CheerNo]YAJI Boots Black

Sweater – [CheerNo]-THOM Sweater/black

Pants – [CheerNo]-DRAVEN shorts/nude

Boots – [CheerNo]YAJI Boots White

Glasses – [CheerNo]-MANOEL shades/WhiteStudded)


Pants – [CheerNo]-THE COMMANDER pants/black

Cap – [CheerNo]-THE COMMANDERCAP/black_Silverstars

Jacket – [CheerNo]-THE COMMANDER jacket/black

Pants – CASACHEERNO-HANK Pants/Black


Shorts –  CASACHEERNO-Social Shorts/Black

Under Pants – CASACHEERNO-HANK Pants/NavyBlue

Boots – [CheerNo]YAJI Boots Black

Jacket – [CheerNo]-MADISON jacket/vino

Shorts – CASACHEERNO-Social Shorts/Green


Poses – Maitreya and Cashmere

All Hair – Cheerno

All Skins – Cheerno


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