Hair -(epoque hair) La Vie en Rose – Chips

Glasses –(epoque) Circular Shades – Neutral

Cardigan – !_Ce Cubic effect Belt up cardigan(ash gray)

Sweater – *COCO*_TurtleneckSweater_Shirt

Gloves – TonkTastic – Fingerless Gloves (Style B)

Pants – Armidi Limited – (M) Lowrise Jeans Original [Jet] (Online Only)

Shoes – SLink BeeBee Boots Black


4 Comments to “Grey,Black,etc”

  1. that cubic effect cardigan looks delicious on you.

  2. Thanks boo 😀 it’s my new fav item in my inventory

    i’m so close to just buying all the colors haha

  3. Omggg cute i need that cardigan now. No wonder i could never find those menacing jeans in Armidi, online only! Pfff


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