Everyday is Fall

Antlers –  rbcg.antlers

Hair – >TRUTH< Jaden – cocoa

Scarf – ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf

Shirt – Pig – Unisex V-Neck – Concrete

Coat –  AMERIE M – Pea coat(Black)

Jeans – Emery – Denim Roxe #02

Shoes – *ordinary* -Gorilla- Black


2 Comments to “Everyday is Fall”

  1. WoW Vo! Thats so beautiful.
    Kate Bush eat your heart out!

    ‘When I was a child:
    Running in the night,
    Afraid of what might be

    Hiding in the dark,
    Hiding in the street,
    And of what was following me…

    the hounds of love are hunting me
    I’ve always been a coward,
    And I don’t know what’s good for me.’

  2. aw! Thanks galli ❤

    ❤ the lyrics

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