Hair – [NSD] Cullen Hair/Mocha (NEW)

Cardigan – Armidi Limited – Merino Knit Cardigan [White]

Shirt – Alphavillain – Fitzwilliam Polo – Yellow (NEW)

Pants – (Milk Motion) my wool pants red check

Shoes –  Picnic panu shoes [Deer]


2 Comments to “Proactive”

  1. Oh wow, you’ve got a skin with blemishes. I’m so jealous…where did you find a good, non-costumey skin with blemishes? Is it a tattoo layer? Where did you get that?

    Also, your shots are fantastic, with that shimmer in the background. Where is that?

  2. The skin is from Mother goose and the pimples are on the skin.It’s free on the lucky board!

    Thank you! The pics were taken at a friend’s sim and it should be open soon. I’ll most likely do another post on it so I’ll announce when it’s done.

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